Sangari Education Solutions

Sangari South Africa develops educational solutions that transform any classroom into the 21st century

Sangari offers a range of solutions focused on one single consequence, learner achievement. In our 20 year experience in South Africa, we have found that elevating teacher competence makes a huge difference. We make a huge difference by helping teachers teach on-the-job, building self-confidence through practice. At the same time, knowledge is disseminated to learners through interactive lessons.

Student Response Systems

To enhance and enable the learning process, Sangari’s Learner Response Systems are used to conduct quick and precise assessments of pupils’ subject matter knowledge. They help track the progress of individual learners and identify students requiring more focused attention, providing a quantified measure of the effectiveness of learning material.


  • Enhances learning
  • Bridges the gap between theoretical and practical
  • Quick & Precise Assessments of Subject Matter Retention
  • Track Progress of Individual Learners
  • Identify those who Require Focussed Attention
  • Detailed Reporting

Engineering Solutions

Sangari’s specialist solutions equip learners with the skills applicable to strategic industries. Sangari Engineering offers didactic, safe-to-use and affordable Blended Learning courses that dramatically improve the acquisition of engineering and manufacturing skills. Our programmes have been adopted by Technical High Schools, Vocational Training Centres, TVET Institutions and Universities. Subject areas include Welding, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Electronics, Automotive, Information Technology, Green Technologies, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.



  • Enhances learning
  • Quick assesement
  • Saves time
  • Tracks learner progress
  • Measures effectiveness of learning


  • 3-D Augmented-reality welding
  • No costly welding consumables
  • Eco-friendly
  • No special clothing or ventilation
  • 100% safe

Soldamatic Augmented Reality Welding Simulator

The Soldamatic 3-D Augmented-reality welding simulator requires no costly welding consumables and reduces training time by half. Welding rods, steel plates or oxygen are not needed. The equipment has no gas emissions making it is eco-friendly.

No special clothing or ventilation is needed and the welding can be done in any classroom. It is 100% safe. The headgear generates realistic welding graphics such as the weld pool and beam.

Electrical Engineering/Electronics/PLC
Environmental Discovery System: EDS®
Mechatronic Learning Systems
Process Automation
Working material
Metal technology



  • A range of solutions available
  • Training and implementation provided
  • Blended Learning



  • Design virtual circuit boards
  • Simulated testing
  • Breadboard layout
  • Immediate feedback
  • No wastage

Electronics Software Simulator

Sangari SA’s Electronics Software Simulator enables learners to design, create and test virtual electronic circuit boards. It combines circuit design, circuit simulation and PCB design. The software converts a circuit design into a PC board layout and trains students how to construct circuits on a breadboard layout and how to use measuring instruments. The simulation provides immediate feedback on whether the board will operate in a real working environment. In the event of a failure, the student is able to look at the virtual design and make corrections without material wastage.

Virtual Reality has brought in a paradigm shift in learning. Using Virtual Reality in the classroom will give students the opportunity to interact and engage with their subjects in a virtual environment.

Veative’s device agnostic VR solution has access to 500+ interactive VR modules developed by Veative empowering teachers to help students learn in a better way.

With our immersive and interactive STEM VR modules, students can dive deep into subjects, and explore concepts that cannot be visualised in the chalk-n-talk method of teaching.



  • Access to 500+ interactive VR modules
  • Virtual Reality in the classroom
  • Immersive and interactive STEM VR modules
  • Explore concepts that cannot be visualised

Designed specifically for the South African syllabus