Sangari Education has announced the availability of Intelitek’s computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) software OpenCIM Offline, the simulation version of OpenCIM. Users are able to design and run an unlimited variety of CIM or Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) cells in simulation mode, without operating or controlling actual CIM cells.

Bez Sangari, MD of Sangari Education, distributors of the Intelitek educational range of automated manufacturing equipment and software in SA, says that for those interested in teaching modern Industry 4.0 manufacturing techniques, whether for maintenance, operation or the design of the systems, the Intelitek range of products are essential.

“Industry 4.0 is a term that technologists use to describe the automation and data exchange used in manufacturing technologies. This involves a mix of concepts like the Internet of Things (IoT), sensor technology, cloud computing and other innovations. Cumulatively, these technologies are changing the face of manufacturing,” he explains.

“Much like a manufacturing firm needs a flexible production line to adapt to changes in demand and customer preferences, education must also be tailor-made in a way that truly prepares students for success. The Intelitek range of equipment and e-content material provide the underpinning knowledge required as well as the hands on equipment to produce the future technicians and engineers the Industry 4.0 needs,” he says.

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