Sangari offers Mathematics solutions in the form of mathematics kits for the learners from grade 1 to grade 12. In the lower grades 1 – 7 these kits contain tools that help learners to be able to count, add, subtract, divide and multiply as well as introduce them to basic mathematics language.

In the higher grades, the company has designed tools that help educators teach learners abstract concepts such as geometry, calculus and the Pythagoras theorem just to mention a few.
Our kits are accompanied by learner worksheets as well as the educator guidance manuals that include solutions to the worksheet problems.

The Sangari iBox, as part of a complete teaching solution, equips teachers with comprehensive CAPS aligned PowerPoint slides for all grades. The slides provide all the background information, lesson development, worked examples, explanations and assessment activities required per topic in mathematics. The PowerPoint slides are printable and can be used as activity worksheets in the classroom.
In grade 1 – 3 the Mathematics content is offered at English FAL level. The PowerPoints are structured in such a way that the educator can easily use them to teach the subject matter, as well as apply formative and summative assessments.

In both lower grades and higher grades the Sangari content includes simulations that help in the teaching and learning of mathematics concepts. Such simulations include graphs, shapes, equations, geometry, etc.
Sangari provides training to ensure educators are familiar and comfortable with the use of kits and supplementary tools in the teaching process.

For the higher grades the iBox contains “physical calculators” as well as virtual computer calculators. The virtual Casio Calculators can be used in all high schools and secondary schools by educators and learners in the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science. The virtual calculators help the educator to demonstrate and transfer the calculator skills to the leaners.

Sangari’s iBox also provides an application called Workspace which incorporates a wide array of mathematics teaching tools. These tools include rulers, protractors, set squares, compasses, etc. which help the educator to demonstrate the use of these tools in a classroom. We also provide teacher development programs on the teaching and learning of Mathematics to the Maths educators.
Mathematics kits benefits:
• Sturdy packaging protects the tools from damage.
• Portable and versatile for use in any classroom
• Step-by-step teacher guidance manuals provide teachers with curriculum guidance and aid in teaching process
• Step-by-step practical student worksheets supplement textbooks
• Economical and affordable
• Minimal storage space required and kit is lockable