Combined AR/VR Headset Market To Be Worth $35 Billion By 2024

New report from Global Market Insights shows the potential for growth within the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industries. In many ways, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology is still in early days of development. With that in mind, there is potential for change and AR/VR are undergoing significant growth, as noted in a new report from Global … Read More

Team Imbokodo to Represent South Africa at Land Rover 4×4 in Schools World Finals

The Land Rover 4×4 in Schools World Finals 2017 will be taking place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on 8 December and Team Imbokodo from Nic Diederichs High School in Krugersdorp have been chosen to represent South Africa. ‘Imbokodo’, meaning ‘when you strike a woman you strike a rock’, are going to the finals to raise funds for their campaign on women equality and for violence against … Read More

Four Myths of Augmented and Virtual Reality Debunked

Myth #1: AR/VR are for Avid Gamers Only While it’s true that the gaming industry seems to have made the most out of AR/VR technology so far, this is far from being its only application. We are already seeing tremendous breakthrough in the application of this technology in numerous other areas. AR/VR could be used to deliver risk-free surgical training for … Read More

Seabery’s Augmented Reality Technology Wins International Award

AWE Europe 2017, the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to Augmented and Virtual reality grants Auggie Award for Best-in-Show AR to Seabery’s technology Seabery’s augmented reality training has been recognised at the Augmented World Expo Europe held in Munich. Seabery received the Best-in-Show Augmented Reality (AR) prize determined by popular vote at the event, based on both digital and at-event activity. … Read More

Jaguar Primary Schools Challenge Takes-Off

Following a successful project facilitation and software training for teachers for the Jaguar Primary Schools Challenge during the month of October, two official races have taken place at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Johannesburg. The Jaguar Primary Schools Challenge (JPSC) programme, facilitated by Sangari Education, saw 14 teams from various primary schools across Gauteng partake in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics … Read More

Soldamatic Augmented Reality Welding Simulation Guide

Soldamatic is an Augmented Reality (AR) training system for welding that reduces costs while increasing the training efficiency of a welding program. It enhances the learning process of students so they are skilled enough before going to the real workshop. AR Welding Simulation technology reduces the CO2 emissions from traditional welding programs and avoids physical risks for students. ……..       … Read More

Teachers Receive STEM Training Ahead of JPSC

The Jaguar Primary Schools Challenge (JPSC) programme, facilitated by Sangari Education, will soon see the first race taking place. In preparation for the competition, teachers have undergone project facilitation and software training relating to the challenge. The training was held at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Johannesburg for 64 teachers over a two-day training session. Sangari Education is a provider of … Read More

The importance of leadership in high-performing schools

    There is a growing body of evidence that school leadership has an impact on student outcomes second only to the influence of teachers in the classroom (Hattie, 2003; Leithwood et al, 2006; Tooley, 2009; Day et al, 2009; New Leaders for New Schools, 2009; Day et al, 2010; Barber et al, 2010). A recent RAND Corporation report found … Read More

The Impact of School Leadership on Pupil Outcomes

General Findings 1.There are statistically significant empirical and qualitatively robust associations between heads’ educational values, qualities and their strategic actions and improvement in school conditions leading to improvements in pupil outcomes. The results confirm and go beyond the model of successful leadership practices identified in the project literature review (Leithwood et al., 2006) that involve Creating Vision and Setting Directions, … Read More

Welding Safety: Tips for Improving Welder’s Performance in the Workshop

Dangerous fumes, fires or explosions, welding exposes everyone to similar health and safety risks and hazards. We can avoid accidents and injuries in the workshop if we follow the best welding safety practices and we use the appropriate safety equipment. Here are 6 tips for improving your welding safety: 1.- Identify the hazards and the limits of your welding operation … Read More