Frequently Asked Questions

a. Download the competition regulations and the technical regulations
b. From this you would be able to allocate team roles and responsibilities.
c. Submit the team name and members involved in the team to Sangari and register for the F1 in Schools video channel.
Register your school for free cad software. The website will allow you to register as a educational institution for free. The software should then be installed and given to students to use on their own personal computers. If they don’t have any computers, we encourage students to share or to seek sponsorship for computers.
The key to F1 is the designing of the cars. Learners should use the Editorial to learn how to use the Cad software. There is a wide variety available on the internet to use from videos, to pdf documents accompanied by parts to explain the process. We encourage learners to do research and find out more.
a. Teams start developing a project plan based on the content from the manuals.
b. Teams write business plans to seek sponsorship. Those that are serious about going to competitions will have to get sponsors for registration fees and manufacturing.
c. Keep an eye on the F1 in schools website for important updates on events, races or manufacturing guidelines.
a. Teams need to download the manufacturing guidelines and make sure their design is positioned correctly on the right axis. After checking their design limitations, they complete the manufacturing form, pay the manufacturing fees and submit their design to the manufacturing centre.
b. Once the design has been cut and sent back, learners need to finish and complete cars for competition.
a. Team need to follow the details in the competition guidelines for their preparation. Teams should keep an eye on the website to make sure they register in time for the competition.
Yes a school/organisation can register more than three teams
A team must consist of between 3 and 6 team members.
School registration is free of charge.

The required CAD Software is also free of charge to schools for teams to enter regional, national and international competitions.

The team will have to pay an entry fee and there are other costs involved which teams will need to gain sponsorship

The New official F1 model block material is to be used for all regional, national and World Final Competitions
  • F1 in Schools is open to anyone aged 9 – 19 years old.

There are 2 classes of entry:

  • Formula One Class aimed at 14-19 year olds,
  • Rookie Formula One Class aimed at 9-14 year olds from new schools
Only competitions on regional and national levels hosted by Sangari are official F1 in schools competitions.